Address Validation Plugin for WooCommerce

Address Validation Plugin for WooCommerce



This plugin aids in validating the addresses of the customers before placing order to maximize your store’s throughput. Integrated with EasyPost API.

  • Option to choose the validated address.
  • Option to disable suggestions for valid addresses.

Highlights: Get an EasyPost API key to start using. Easy to use address validation plugin in the market.

How does it work?

The Address Validation Plugin requires an EasyPost API key. Once you have one with you, configure the settings and start validating. The plugin initiates a pop-up window when the customer clicks the place order button. This pop-up window displays the result of the address validation, giving choices for the customer to choose from.

This Plugin also records Residential Delivery Indicator for all the validated addresses in the admin order details page. In order to troubleshoot this plugin turn on the log at the plugin settings.

Premium Version Features

  • Includes Google’s Address Auto-Complete feature.
  • Gives suggestion by providing zipcode, city, state, and etc

For complete list of features and details, Please visit Address Validation and Auto Complete Plugin for WooCommerce for more details


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How granular is your address validation?

It depends on where the address is. For certain countries, we can get as granular as the housing unit level.

Does it work for my country?

You can find the list of supported countries over here.

Are the addresses categorized under resdential and commercial?

Yes. We do we provide RDI (Residential Delivery Indicator) to aid in catergorizing addresses as residential and commercial.

Address Validation Plugin for WooCommerce