Glindr is a fast growing repository of content in the fashion blogging space. Now, you can be a part of it
with the Glindr plugin.

The Glindr plugin allows you to quickly and easily apply for syndication to Glindr. Once you submit your request,
a Glindr administrator will review your information and Approve or Decline your site. You can keep track of your
application status right from your blog.

After your request is approved, you’ll be able to easily submit your content to Glindr for syndication and reap
all the benefits.


How do I apply for syndication?

Use the Settings > Glindr screen to apply to Glindr. You’ll need to provide your name and email in case a Glindr administrator has a question for
you. Your site name and url are sent automatically from your WordPress settings.

How do I syndicate my posts?

After your site is Approved you’ll see a new meta box on the Post editing screen. Use that metabox to indicate that the post you’re working on should be
syndicated. You must select at least one Glindr category to syndicate your post.

Are all my posts automatically sent to Glindr?

No! After your site is Approved you’ll be able to pick and choose which posts are syndicated to Glindr. You can choose to send all your posts or
only a select few.

What data does the plugin send to Glindr?

Your data is important to us! Different data is sent to Glindr based on your actions. Upon application, the following information is sent:

  • Your provided name
  • Your provided email
  • Your site’s name
  • Your site’s url

When you syndicate a post, the following information is sent to Glindr:

  • Post title
  • Post content
  • Post excerpt
  • Featured image (if one is selected)
  • Stored authentication token

The Glindr plugin will never send any data except in response to an explicit action by you, the user.