Jayj Quicktag

Jayj Quicktag


This plugin, Jayj Quicktag, allows you easily to add custom Quicktags to the post, page, or a custom editor.

It adds a settings page where you can add all the Quicktags you want (see Screenshots)

It supports both import and export of your Quicktags so you easily can add them to another WordPress install.


Does this work with older versions than 3.3?

No, sorry. Due to the javascript changes in 3.3 this plugin does not work with older versions.

Can I add a self-closing Quicktag?

Yes. You can add a self-closing Quicktag (like <hr />) by leaving “End Tag(s)” empty.

Can I delete a Quicktag?

Yes, you can. There’s two ways:

  1. The first one is to click the delete button on the right.
  2. The other way is to leave the “Button Label” field empty.
Can I change the order of the Quicktags?

Yes. Since 1.2 you can change the order of the tags. Just roll over the number on the left and you should to able to drag ‘n’ drop the rows.

Can I export/import Quicktags?

Yes. Version 1.1 introduced the import and export feature.

On the options page, click the “Export Quicktags” title. That should give you a textarea with some strange looking code.
You should copy/save that so you can use it to import on another site.

To find the import feature, click on the “Import Quicktags” on the same page. Paste the copied code into the textarea and click “Import Quicktags”.

The Quicktags should now be imported and it doesn’t overwrite the old ones.

Jayj Quicktag