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Adds a fast, simple interface for adding SEO meta data to pags and posts. Designed to remove all of the extra stuff that you just won’t use. It is made to be straight forward for users with not confusing extras and no annoying ads. So you can enjoy using it and feel comfortable putting it before a client.

  • Choose which post types it is added to (posts and pages by default)
  • Integrates nicely with the Sewn In XML Sitemap plugin, so they get merged into one panel for editing

Very simple, no cruft or extra features you won’t use.

Control what post types are added

By default only pages and posts are added, but you can remove either of those and/or add more using this filter:

/**  * Add a post type to the XML sitemap  *  * Takes the default array('post','page') and adds 'news' and 'event' post types   * to it. Returns: array('post','page','news','event')  *  * @param   array   $post_types List of post types to be added to the XML Sitemap  * @return  array   $post_types Modified list of post types  */ add_filter( 'sewn/seo/post_types', 'custom_sitemap_post_types' ); function custom_sitemap_post_types( $post_types ) {     $post_types[] = 'news';     $post_types[] = 'event';     return $post_types; }    /**  * Completely replace the post types in the XML sitemap  *  * This will replace the default completely. Returns: array('news','event')  *  * The result is to remove 'post' and 'page' post types and to add 'news' and   * 'event' post types  *  * @param   array   $post_types List of post types to be added to the XML Sitemap  * @return  array   $post_types Modified list of post types  */ add_filter( 'sewn/seo/post_types', 'custom_sitemap_post_types' ); function custom_sitemap_post_types( $post_types ) {     $post_types = array('news','event');     return $post_types; } 

Add Keywords

Use sparingly. Meta keywords can do more harm than help when used incorrectly. Don’t overload them. For that reason, we turned it off by default. If you want them, you can turn them back on by adding this to your functions.php.

add_filter( 'sewn/seo/add_keywords', '__return_true' ); 

Turn on Auto-Generated Descriptions

We don’t recommend this. The meta description should be used as a way to craft what the search engines show, otherwise, let the search engines auto generate the descriptions. It doesn’t really have a significant impact on visibility and may hinder visibility by keeping the search engine from digging as deep into the rest of the page. Bad descriptions may do harm, and likely don’t do any good.

add_filter( 'sewn/seo/default_description', '__return_true' ); 

Open Graph Images

Includes some support for open graph images via the featured image field. Coming soon is a specific upload field.

Automated Header Info

Sewn In Simple SEO adds the necessary info to the header, but if you would like to be more deliberate, you can turn that off and the items you want back in manually.

Turn off the automated fields:

add_filter( 'sewn/seo/automate_head', '__return_false' ); 

The actions that currently get automated in (along with the meta title):

do_action( 'sewn/seo/description' ); do_action( 'sewn/seo/keywords' ); do_action( 'sewn/seo/classification' ); do_action( 'sewn/seo/site_name' ); do_action( 'sewn/seo/og:title' ); do_action( 'sewn/seo/og:image' ); do_action( 'sewn/seo/og:type' ); 

More complete / complex archive titles

Currently the default archive titles are set to be simplified. Generally this will lead to better SEO titles. Where as a standard WordPress archive title might be “Category: Category Name” or “Author: Author Name”, these would be simplified to “Category Name” and “Author Name”. If you prefer the original version, you can turn off the simplification:

remove_filter( 'sewn/seo/archive_title', 'sewn_simplify_archive_title' ); 

Other filters

/**  * Custom home or blog page title  */ add_filter( 'sewn/seo/home_title', 'custom_seo_home_title' ); function custom_seo_home_title( $title ) {     return 'My blog page title'; }    /**  * Customize 404 titles  */ add_filter( 'sewn/seo/404_title', 'custom_seo_404_title' ); function custom_seo_404_title( $title ) {     return 'These are not the pages you are looking for'; }    /**  * Customize archive titles  */ add_filter( 'sewn/seo/archive_title', 'custom_seo_archive_title' ); function custom_seo_archive_title( $title ) {     // Customize the title }    /**  * Custom archive descriptions  */ add_filter( 'sewn/seo/archive_description', 'custom_seo_archive_description' ); function custom_seo_archive_description( $description ) {     // Custom description here }    /**  * Turn on open graph type field  */ add_filter( 'sewn/seo/add_type', '__return_true' ); 


Works with the Sewn In XML Sitemap plugin. When installed, the XML sitemap checkbox integrates with the SEO fields. The goal is to keep things very simple and integrated.


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