ShortCodes UI

ShortCodes UI


This Plugin adds an admin UI for creating shortcodes without the need to code, edit code, or even know code.


  • Based on the native custom post type (no extra tables in the database).
  • Ajaxed Import/Export functionality (so you can move your shortcodes from one site to another and shared them around).
  • Built in Tinymce (visual editor) button with an Ajaxed popup panel.
  • Built in Quicktag (HTML editor) button with an Ajaxed popup panel.
  • Works with all posts types (post,page,custom).
  • Each shortcode Can be used as a Template Tag.
  • Each shortcode has its own filter hook.
  • syntax highlighted code editor (NEW).
  • Render the shortcode into editor (NEW).
  • Built in tutorial Videos (NEW).
  • Shortcode UI widget, You can now embed wny shortcode inside a shortcodes UI widget (NEW).
  • Export as standalone plugin (SOON).

any feedback or suggestions are welcome.

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What are the requirements?

PHP 5.2 and up.

I have Found a Bug, Now what?

Simply use the Support Forum and thanks a head for doing that.

How to Use?

ShortCodes UI