Sunshine Photo Cart

Sunshine Photo Cart


Sunshine Photo Cart is a WordPress client proofing gallery & photo cart plugin. You can have a full-featured system to sell photos on your own website with no limits or commissions. Easily create galleries, sell to clients, and make more money than ever.

Create your own standalone demo installation of WordPress + Sunshine + all the add-ons pre-installed to see it in action! This is fully functional WordPress installation where you can test all the features without having to install it on your own site.

This free version is fully functional and has the following features:

  • Cart system for letting users choose photo, select product and add to cart for purchase
  • Accept offline payments (check) or online payments (PayPal)
  • Unlimited galleries, images and products!
  • No commissions!
  • Integrates directly into your theme automatically (or use one of our layouts)
  • Upload images via FTP or browser in WordPress admin
  • Galleries can be password protected, require email, require user account or be completely private for specified users
  • Gallery end dates – great for pressuring clients to buy and not wait forever without purchasing
  • Sub galleries – great for weddings or large events
  • Favorites – Let users select their favorites, view any user’s favorites in the admin
  • Social sharing – Get friends and family to see photos, increase exposure and possible sales!
  • Watermarking – Automatically have a watermark added to all your images when uploaded to a gallery
  • Multiple shipping methods (Flat rate, local delivery, pickup)
  • Easy order management
  • Printable invoices
  • International ready – Works with all currencies and translated into German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish, Portuguese, British, Norwegian. See all available translations


While the core plugin is free, there are paid add-ons to improve Sunshine’s features. You can pay only for the features you need!

…and so many more to come! Feel free to request new features


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Installation Instructions
  1. Activate the plugin
  2. Go to Sunshine > Settings and configure the options
  3. Create Products (example: 8×10)
  4. Create Galleries
  5. Make money selling to clients with no commission fees!
Where can I get help?

Use the support section on our website

Are there any limits?

Sunshine itself does not impose any limits on galleries, images, users, etc. You may want to check with your web host about your available file storage. There are many great web hosts which offer huge amounts of storage if you do have a host with small disk space limits. Otherwise, Sunshine does integrate with Amazon S3 for infinite file storage via the WP Offload S3 plugin.

What payment gateways can I accept?

Sunshine eomes with PayPal out-of-the-box and has add-ons for Stripe, PayJunction and Mollie (with iDEAL support)

Is there a demo?

Yes! You can create your own standalone installation of Sunshine to play with to your heart’s content.

Does this work for any currency?

Yes, we make all currencies available

Can I help translate Sunshine?

Yes! Please see our translation site to help refine an existing translation or start a new one. Current Sunshine translations include: Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil), German, Spanish, Finnish, Russian, Norwegian, UK.

Sunshine Photo Cart