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UVdesk App


Uvdesk App plugin works on the API provided by the UVdesk Helpdesk ( https://www.uvdesk.com ) a SAAS Based application ) ticket system developed on SYMFONY. The customer can submit the form by entering their basic details like name, mail id and a new ticket is created when form is submitted. Basic customer data like email id only is synced from WordPress to UVdesk and those data will only get synced with your UVdesk Account only. WordPress related data will not be sent to the UVdesk. The tickets which are created by customers are managed by the support staff. This plugin provides functionality like creating tickets, list ticket and single ticket view pages for customer. The admin can manage tickets, delete, assign, update, can use filter to search any particular ticket.

About Uvdesk

You can have your own Email Ticket System by which your query emails from the customers would get converted into Tickets, by the help of UVdesk Helpdesk System. For the ticket generation on your helpdesk, you can create a Mailbox ( which will automatically create the ticket of your customer’s query on your helpdesk support system ) and then all the customer’s queries will automatically be generated as tickets in the UVdesk system and your support staff can reply them. Like this none of your customer’s query will get missed and you would be able to focus on all the customer’s query with equal attention.

You can distinguish all tickets based on the different Stages like- Pending, Resolved, Spam, Answered. In case you need to search any particular ticket on the basis of any “string” then you can search easily in the UVdesk system. The agent ( support staff) can filter any ticket on the basis of “Assigned to, Customer, Group, Team, Priority, Type, Tag, Mailbox, Source, after date, before or on a date“. Like this, you can get that particular ticket and work on it. By the filter option, none of your tickets will be out of your range and it will save a lot of your valuable time. By this, you can offer support via emails and reply back to the customer via your mail.

Unlimited Custom Forms for multiple purposes-

Apart from offering a standard Email Ticket System, you also need various kinds of forms ( like contact us form, feedback form, poll form, etc ) for your business. One of the best features of UVdesk is its Form Builder App where you can create multiple forms for your website for different purposes like you can create one form for the feedback, another form for any other services as per the requirement.You just have to add any number of fields and create forms. Every Time a separate ticket is created when any users submit the form and mail notification goes to the owner. No coding is needed for this form builder app. The HTML codes are generated with the form only so the user can embed the generated codes easily into the HTML codes of their website and then this app will work seamlessly.

Social Media Integration-

Social Media is such a powerful tool in terms of creating branding for your Business. It would be wonderful if you had a Ticket System would convert the customer’s post into the Tickets or Customer’s Tweets into Ticket System? There is one such helpdesk system which offers Social Media Integration.Uvdesk has come with Social Media App Integration feature ( Facebook App Integration & Twitter App Integration ) by which you can provide support to your customers via the Social Networks. By the Social Media App Integration, you can offer support on the social platforms.

Facebook App Integration: The comments & the posts of the users within the post of the company or individual post of the visitors will be converted into tickets and automatically forwarded to the ticket system of the company. In this way, you’ll never miss out a single conversation or requests of the clients. The admin or the agent can reply from their ticket system. If you are a new user not registered with us then your wall post will make you registered with us and in the next thread, you will see the link to access your UVdesk account. They can even login into their support portal and check the progress of their queries with their Facebook credentials.

In Twitter App Integration, all the tweets of the users will be forwarded to your ticket system and you can reply from there only without the need to login to the Twitter account. This app is surely a time-saver especially when you have piles of tickets queued up waiting for the response.

Event Based Trigger-

In UVdesk Helpdesk, we have provided “Workflow” function which will prevent you from performing same, repetitive tasks. It will save a lot of time and help in boosting overall support efficiency. The admin can select the “Event” from the drop down and then based on the selected Event, the admin can select the activity. So, after saving it, whenever the same event occurs in the ticket system, then the selected “Activity” will take place automatically or manually.


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