Vertical scroll image slideshow gallery

Vertical scroll image slideshow gallery


Check official website for live demo

Vertical scroll image slideshow gallery plugin lets you showcase images in a vertical scroll style in the WordPress widget. Single image at a time and push one by one continually. The speed of the image movement is customizable (Slide timeout). And this plugin retrieve images directly from the specified folder. The file names are returned in the order in which they are stored by the file system. So the order of the image display is based on the file uploaded date.

Features of this plugine

  1. Simple.
  2. Easy installation.
  3. Widgets, so you can add pretty much anything.
  4. Easy slideshow size (width & height) override option.

Plugin configuration

  • Drag and drop the widget.
  • Add directly in the theme.



  1. I installed the plugin but can’t see it. What’s wrong?

  2. Where to upload my image?

  3. How to upload my image?

  4. Widget title appears but no photos appear below it?

  5. Why my image gallery out of range?

  6. Why my slideshow not scroll properly or why one image overlaps another at the time of scroll?

Vertical scroll image slideshow gallery