WooCommerce CoinSimple payment gateway

WooCommerce CoinSimple payment gateway


The CoinSimple WooCommerce plugin is an extension of the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress, and allows e-commerce stores, running on WordPress and WooCommerce, to accept bitcoin through CoinSimple.

CoinSimple supports BitPay, Coinbase, GoCoin, hierarchical deterministic wallets (Electrum, Armory, Trezor) and regular bitcoin addresses. Sign up for an account at CoinSimple.com.


  • When a buyer selects “Bitcoin” as their payment method, an invoice is generated at CoinSimple.
  • After the buyer pays, CoinSimple directs the buyer to the page that you selected in your Settings above.

CoinSimple Support

WooCommerce Support


  • This plugin requires PHP 5.4 or higher to function correctly. Contact your webhosting provider or server administrator if you are unsure which version is installed on your web server.
  • Ensure a valid SSL certificate is installed on your server. Also ensure your root CA cert is updated. If your CA cert is not current, you will see curl SSL verification errors.
  • Verify that your web server is not blocking POSTs from servers it may not recognize. Double check this on your firewall as well, if one is being used.
  • Check the system error log file (usually the web server error log) for any errors during CoinSimple payment attempts. If you contact CoinSimple support, they will ask to see the log file to help diagnose the problem.
  • If all else fails, send an email describing your issue in detail to [email protected]. In your support request, please provide:
    • WordPress version
    • WooCommerce version
    • PHP version
    • Other plugins installed
    • Configuration settings for the CoinSimple plugin
    • Screenshot of error messages, if any== Screenshots ==

WooCommerce CoinSimple payment gateway