WooCommerce Mesasix Stripe Payment Extension

WooCommerce Mesasix Stripe Payment Extension


Start accepting credit card payments securely using Mesasix Stripe Payment Extension for WooCommerce. Accepts all major credit cards. All you need is a Stripe.com account and start accepting payments in minutes. This plugin is developed with love by the folks at Mesasix – a Dallas Based Marketing Agency. This plugin does not store personal credit card details. Upon payment, your card data will be sent to Stripe.com servers and a token will be issued for a one time credit card transaction.

This plugin requires PHP > 4.3, WordPress version atleast 3.0 and a Stripe.com account.


Can I use this plugin in a test mode?

Absolutely! Stripe is made for developers and testing is a huge part of that. Just be sure to get your api and publishable keys at Stripe.com.

Do I need SSL in test mode?

No. But you can use ssl while in test mode.

Do I need SSL in production mode?

Yes. We recommend using SSL to safeguard your users from additional risks.

Are there any filters for this plugin?

Yes. In fact, all frontend texts can be managed via the backend settings and frontend images (payment form icons and images) can changed by using these two filters: mesasix_stripe_checkout_icon and mesasix_stripe_cards_icon. We will be adding more features in the next release.

Is this safe?

Absolutely. We take security seriously and if you find holes, let us know by emailing us at matthew[at]mesasix.com.

WooCommerce Mesasix Stripe Payment Extension