Secure Password Generator

What is strong password security? How to create strong password security?

A strong password is a long enough, random password, or if not, only the person who chooses it can guess it, so that guessing it will take more time than the time that a cracker Password lock is available to guess it.

  • Passwords are at least 6 characters long
  • Do not set a password with easy-to-guess names like: admin,abc123,123456,abc123456,password,p@$$\/\/0rd...
  • Password must contain special characters
  • Do not use a proper name or date of birth as a password
  • Always change passwords for devices, do not use manufacturer default passwords
  • Frequently change password
  • Do not share passwords for multiple accounts or devices
  • Do not save passwords on internet sites

Examples of weak passwords:

  • admin: Too easy to guess
  • abc123 OR 123456 OR 123456789,... : Too easy to guess
  • Peter OR Anna: Common name
  • password: Guessed easily, very often used
  • p@$$\/\/0rd : Leet and password with simple characters are pre-programmed in the cracking tools
  • qwerty : A succession of characters in many types of keyboards
  • ...